Jackpot? Mystery man could be second Powerball winner – NBCNews.com

Jackpot? Mystery man could be second Powerball winner - NBCNews.com

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Aired December 01, 2012

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>> we now know the identity of one set of winners in that record
break powerball jackpot. but there may be new clues about who was
holding the other winning ticket. the ticket was sold in arizona , but
the owner may have turned up on the other side of the country. tom
costello has that part of the story from maryland . tom, good morning.

>> reporter: lester, good morning. everybody here at this exxon
station says they believe that this ticket looked legitimate, and
arizona lottery officials say nobody has yet come forward to claim the
jackpot. so the question is have we found that guy? if you found out
you’d won half the powerball jackpot, would you go back to work the
next day?

>> did you win the lottery?

>> reporter: it sure looks like the man who celebrated in a
maryland gas station was indeed back on the job at the virginia d.o.t.
friday. his highway safety uniform looks the same. the car he drove
away in looks the same. so washington nbc 4 ‘s pat collins asked him.

>> is that the lottery winner there?

>> it is.

>> i found him!

>> reporter: but the driver quickly sped away. that’s when pat
noticed a co-worker who he thought he recognized from the gas station

>> were you with him? you were there. i saw you.

>> i promised the gentleman that what we would do is wait for him to
come forth and speak with you all publicly.

>> reporter: it was lunchtime on thursday when this man walked into
this maryland exxon station, hold out what looked like an arizona
ticket and asked employee what is the powerball numbers were. they
told him and he suddenly couldn’t contain himself. that’s cameron
behind the counter.

>> so he’s saying i have the powerball, check my number. that’s what
he said yesterday when he’s here. i hit the powerball, check my
number. i hit the powerball, check my numbers.

>> reporter: also in the video is customer paul gogg who saw the
arizona ticket and says it looked real.

>> did to me. nobody’s thinking about that at the time. i mean, i
was just excited for him. i’ll never see that again, you know?

>> reporter: but how did a guy with a ticket arizona end up across
the country in maryland ? was the gas station celebration just a
put-on? was this a joke?

>> i don’t see it being a hoax at all.

>> you think he has the ticket?

>> on behalf of his privacy, i will have to wait for him to speak to
you about it.

>> reporter: so we all have to wait. so how did somebody who bought
a ticket in arizona allegedly end up here in maryland ? well, people
in the store said they thought that this guy said he had just been in
arizona and he may have been in the military or the reserves.
meanwhile, arizona lottery officials say you have to come to arizona
to claim your prize. lester, back to y

Jackpot? Mystery man could be second Powerball winner - NBCNews.com

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